Celebration at Mount Snow

The First Ever Celebration Patroller and Alumni Celebration was held from February 11-16, 2024. A total of 32 people attended the event including active patrollers, alumni, partners, and family. Many who participated for more than one day stayed at the Grand Summit Hotel slopeside. Some participated for a day and others commuted. Mount Snow’s central location because of its central location. We had attendees from throughout the division.

We got the opportunity to tour the Summit Patrol station and meet some of the on-duty patrollers. On Monday we got together after dinner at the American Flatbread with a group of their patrollers and got to see their contributions of patrol equipment they have used to help decorate the restaurant including a very early transport sled.

The event was fortunate to have three special events, two planned and one last moment. On Tuesday evening, Scott Launt, a dedicated patroller who has been working with the 10th Mountain Division team talked about the growing relationship between our organizations and how NSP’s expertise in winter skills is helping the army build their skills.

Division Safety Supervisor Kathy Fitzpatrick and members of her team and the Critical Incident Stress Team led by Melinda Mingus joined us on Tuesday afternoon for discussion with both the general sliding public and our participants on Mountain Safety and Incident Stress Management.

Thanks to our CNY Alumni Advisor Scott Launt we had the new National Board Chair, Richard Pietrafesa, join us for dinner. Wendy Aarnio, a recent national board member, also joined us. We took the opportunity to have a conversation with them about the latest news from the national office. Getting more insight into headquarters operations was very well received and appreciated by all.

The weather treated us to four very good days on the snow with all areas open on the mountain. We received great service from all the Vail Corp people including the hotel staff, the restaurant team, and all the people on the mountain. We all agreed the event was a great start to what will now be an annual event in the division.

Many thanks to Alumnus Doug Reddy from Tussey Mountain in the Western Appalachia Region who is now on the Mt. Snow School Staff, for the incredible help making this event happen and to all the Division Alumni Advisors who added their thoughts and suggestions to make the week a success.

Schedule Announced for Patroller Celebration

Excitement is building for the first Eastern Division Alumni and Patroller Celebration at Mount Snow Ski Resort, February 11-16, 2024. The Eastern Division Alumni Advisors have announced the schedule of events for the week, as well as updated information about lodging and lift tickets.

There is no fee to attend the celebration. However, all costs are the participant’s responsibility.


If you are planning to join us for any part of the week, please provide the following:

Your Name
Others with you
Arrival date
How long you are staying
Former/present Patrol/Region
Cell phone

Email to: Allan Miller
Questions/ideas/suggestions? Allan’s phone 518-441-3899.


Lodging at a preferred rate has been arranged for us from February 11-16. To reserve rooms at the group rate, call Group Reservations at (855) 948-0698. Reference Group Code: SSNSKI24 or the group name (Ski Patrol Alumni Ski Event). The reservation line is open Monday-Friday from 9 am-7 pm EST and Saturday/Sunday from 10 am-7 pm EST. We have a 20% discount on all rooms at the Grand Summit.

Lift Tickets

The best lift ticket prices are available by purchasing Epic Day Passes prior to the event.
Here’s the link: https://www.epicpass.com/Passes/Epic-Day-Pass. Also, there is a senior rate.


Sunday, Feb 11
Welcome Get Together at Harriman’s Pub, 5 pm
Dinner at Harriman’s Pub, 6 pm

Monday, Feb 12
Breakfast at Grand Country Deli, Main Base Lodge, 8 am
Skiing and riding at mountain tour at base of Grand Summit Express, 9 am
Lunch at Main Base Lodge, 11:30 am
Meet-up at Harriman’s Pub and Kitchen, 5 pm
Dinner at Harriman’s Pub and Kitchen, 6 pm

Tuesday, Feb 13
Breakfast at Grand Country Deli, Ground Floor, Grand Summit Resort, 8 am
Skiing and Riding & Mountain Tour at base of Bluebird Lift, 9 am
Lunch at Main Base Lodge, 11:30 am
Yoga 4:30 Grand Summit, 1 hr. $20
Meet at Harriman’s Pub, 5 pm
Dinner at Harriman’s Pub, 6:00 pm
Discussion: NSP and the 10th Mtn. Division led by Scott Launt, Grand Summit, 8 pm

Wednesday, Feb 14
Breakfast at Grand Country Deli, Ground Floor, Grand Summit Resort, 8:00 am
Skiing and Riding at base of Bluebird Lift, 9 am
Lunch at Main Base Lodge, 11:30 am
Meet at Harriman’s Pub, 5 pm
Dinner at American Flatbread, 6:30 pm

Thursday, Feb 15
Breakfast at Grand Country Deli, Ground Floor, Grand Summit Resort, 8:00 am
Skiing and Riding at base of Bluebird Lift, 9:00 am
Lunch break at Main Base Lodge, 11:30 am
Yoga 4:30 Grand Summit, 1 hr. $20
Meet at Harriman’s Pub, 5 pm
Dinner at Local restaurant TBD, 6:30 pm


We are not specifically scheduling these. If you are interested, please let us know the day and your time preference, and we will work to get the groups coordinated.

  • Yoga, 4:30, Tuesday and Thursday at the Grand Summit, $20/participant
  • Snowmobiling at Snowmobile Vt. A 25 min drive from the mountain. 2-hour tour, 1 rider rate $241, Tours at 10,12 & 2 PM.
  • XC skiing and snow shoeing is available at Grafton Trails and Outdoor center, about a 45-minute drive
  • Vermont Distillers, Hogback Mountain Tasting Room and Country Store, 21 minute drive

Please print this flyer and post it.


If you plan to advise please let Allan Miller, the Eastern Division Alumni Advisor, know including your name(s), planned arrival date, old/present patrol/division, cell phone number, and email. If you plan to stay offsite, please let Allan know what meals and/or events you will be participating in.

You will receive additional updates about planned activities during the week.  For questions, contact Allan Miller at 518-441-3899.  Mark your calendars and be part of this unforgettable gathering.  We can’t wait to see you there!

Help us promote this event!

The Alumni Regional Committee would like your help promoting this Patroller Celebration event.  Please click the poster link below to print and post in your patrol room.

Region Alumni Day Schedule 2024

Nearly every region conducts at least one alumni day each season. These include a free or reduced price lift ticket, skiing or riding together and some kind of social time like a lunch or post skiing refreshments. Below is the latest list of the region Alumni events scheduled for the 2024 season. Please register for the event before you attend. Contact your region Alumni advisor for more information about an event in your region. See the article “What Every Patroller Needs to Know About Alumni” to find the contact information for your region Alumni advisor.

Genesee Valley Region
Friday January 26, 2024
Hunt Hollow Ski Club
Information and Sign up

Eastern NY Region
Saturday, January 28, 2024
Royal Mountain
Contact: Dan Crandall

Connecticut Region
Tuesday, February 27, 2024
Ski Sundown
Contact: Bob Cassello

Western Mass Region
Wednesday, March 6, 2024
Ski Butternut
Contact: Ann Migliaccio

Are circumstances causing you to take a break from patrolling?

Contact your Region Alumni Advisor and learn the alternatives you have to maintain your OEC certification and return to active patrolling.

What Every Patroller Needs To Know About Alumni

Occasionally, life and circumstances get in the way of the things we love to do. When this happens, you have those who can provide information to help you stay connected to patrolling and make decisions that leave you options for returning to patrolling when appropriate.

Every region in the division has an Alumni Advisor who can help you. Contact them to start a conversation, or contact me, Allan Miller, Eastern Division’s Alumni Advisor, and we will guide you.  Our goal is to help all NSP members stay patrolling or get back into patrolling without losing the certifications earned over the years.

Alumni Advisors Are Available to Help Provide Guidance

Eastern Division

Allan Miller
Division Alumni Advisor

Central NY Region

Scott Launt
CNY Alumni Advisor

Eastern NY Region

Dan Crandell
ENY Alumni Advisor

Genesee Valley Region

Skip Miller
GV Alumni Advisor

New Hampshire Region

Patricia Jordan
NH Alumni Advisor

Northern Vermont Region

Dave Carter
NVT Alumni Advisor

Southern NY Region

Jerald Rohling
SNY Alumni Advisor

Western Mass Region

Ann Migliaccio
WMass Alumni Advisor

Connecticut Region

Robert Cassello
CT Alumni Advisor

EMARI Region

Tina Jarvis
EMARI Alumni Advisor

Eastern PA Region

Ed Conaway
EPA Alumni Advisor

Maine Region

Don Emerson
Maine Alumni Advisor

New Jersey Region

Ralph Cooke
New Jersey Alumni Advisor

Southern Vermont Region

John Crandall
SVT Alumni Advisor

Western App Region

Bill Smith IV
WApp Alumni Advisor

Western NY Region

Ralph Estep
WNY Alumni Advisor