HOLIDAY MOUNTAIN, NY – Friday, August 16 – Sunday, August 18

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Join us at Holiday Mountain Ski & Fun Park in Monticello, NY, for a gathering of like-minded Ski Patrollers in a rustic camping environment, all looking to learn about the Certified program and enhance or broaden their patroller skill set. The goal this season is “deep dive into lift evac.” The certified program modules that will be covered at this event will be:

  • Lift Evacuation
  • Outdoor Risk Management
  • Avalanche
  • Low Angle Rescue
  • OEC Assessment, Skill & MCI Scenarios


Boot Camp provides:

  • Friday — 4:00-6:00 pm – Arrival & Camp Set-up
  • Friday — 7:00 pm Meeting
  • Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Saturday is BOOT CAMP training Day
  • Dinner Saturday Night
  • Bonfire — FUN


SWAIN MOUNTAIN, NY – Friday, September 13 – Sunday, September 15

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This event is low pressure — you can learn, have fun, and network  with other patrollers from all around the division. It is open to any currently registered member of NSP, candidate through Certified. It is a hands-on, get dirty, get bloody, play with different gear event. Typical included modules include:
  • Lift evacuation
  • Low angle rope rescue,
  • OEC assessment and skill building,
  • ORM discussions,
  • An MCI drill with outside EMS agencies.
Patroller School provides:
  • Great food all three days,
  • An easy-going, no pressure learning environment,
  • Looking at many different ways to meet an objective.
What you need to bring:
  • An open mind,
  • Gear that you would like to show off or work with,
  • Your first aid pack with gloves and supplies.
Rough agenda:
  • Friday — 1:00 pm – Arrival, registration, and camp set up
  • Friday — 3:00-6:00 pm – Knot tying and open topics
  • Friday evening — Fire pit discussion
  • Saturday — Module station rotations
  • Saturday evening — MCI discussions and planning and ifre pit discussions
  • Sunday — MCI drill and feedbac from multiple points of view 

7 Steps to Storing Ski Gear the Right Way During the Off-Season

Unless you’re still earning your turns in the high alpine, you’ve probably already put your skis to bed for the summer and dusted off the bike, paddle board, or maybe even golf clubs (hey, you do you—no judgment). Quick question before you move on to your summer endeavors: Did you store your ski gear properly?

Not to sound like your dad, but you really are doing yourself a favor by taking the time and going through a few extra steps before stashing your skis and boots for the off-season. Not only will proper storage save you time when the snow starts flying again and it’s time to gear up, but it will also help protect and extend the functional life of your expensive equipment.

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