Pack an Extra Patroller

Let see now. For my patrol pack, I have cravats, bandages, sling, tape, oh yes, and I want to put into that pack another patroller. Another patroller not only can help you at an accident scene but also acts as another witness to support the good work that we, as patrollers, perform every day during our volunteer activities. Having another patroller join you at an accident scene prevents the situation where it is the skier’s words against your words. Simply put, this reduces the legal risk for patrollers, the primary objective of the lawyers who volunteer their time for NSP.

In fact, besides giving quality care, the two things that we, as patrollers, can do to proactively reduce our legal risks associated with patrolling is to maintain the good image of the National Ski Patrol to the skiing public and handle accidents with another patroller. It is not always possible to be at an accident scene with another patroller but, when possible, such teamwork should be encouraged. The laws of most states generally go out of their way to try to protect patrol activities and protect you as patrollers; however, there is nothing to prevent you from also taking steps to protect yourselves.

Act in a kind and courteous manner to the skiing public. Handle accidents, when you can, with another patroller. Document, in writing, your accidents and use your best judgment. Taking these efforts will dramatically reduce the chance of you ever being sued as a patroller. Therefore, the next time you are laying out your pack to repack, see if you can stuff that other patroller inside. Besides being a friend, he or she will always be positive assistance to you at any accident scene.

Note: This is an old article being republished written by Bob Scarlett when he was a legal advisor to the NSP. He is no longer a legal advisor but is a current NSP Board member.