Heather Newman, Women’s Supervisor

I would like to introduce myself, Heather Newman, as the next Women’s Advisor for the Eastern Division. I grew up skiing at a small (one T-bar, six runs) mountain in Northern Maine and started my patrol career in 2010. Since 2013, I have been a volunteer patroller at Saddleback in Rangeley, Maine. I am a Senior Patroller, an OEC Instructor, and an OET TE. Over the past six years, I have worked with the Maine Region as the Women’s Advisor and am very excited to take on my new role.

When asked why I enjoy teaching at Women’s-only events, I refer to comments the attendees made to me during and after the event: “I have never done that before; that was so cool,” “Thanks for taking us to the edge of our comfort zone with confidence,” “You believe I can, I believe I can,” and “Thank you and your friends for showing us women are strong patrollers.” I look forward to working all over the Eastern Division to bring more of those moments to the women of our patrol.

My family and I recently moved to Central Vermont and I look forward to skiing and getting to know patrols in the area.