Dick Woolf, Telecom Advisor

NSP and FirstNet have creates a new subscriber eligibility verification system to simplify enrollment for OEC certified patrollers.

When NSP rolled out its new partnership program with FirstNet in February 2020, it was decided to make patrol directors responsible for verifying the eligibility of patrollers who wished to apply for service. Each patrol director would be responsible for ensuring that new FirstNet subscribers had a valid OEC credential.

Over time, as patrol directors changed, it became difficult to send information about new subscriber applicants to the current patrol director, and in some cases, applicants were denied because the patrol director did not respond, or the wrong patrol officer was contacted.

As a result of NSP-FirstNet meetings held at and after Powderfall, a new process has been created to make it simpler for OEC-certified patrollers to apply for FirstNet service.

FirstNet has created an “affiliation code” which creates a special online form for patrollers to complete to apply for service. Once the patroller completes and submits the form, a request for verification of eligibility is sent automatically to NSP. Patrol directors no longer need to verify eligibility. NSP will verify the patroller’s OEC status and, if current, will approve the member for FirstNet service.

It is important for patrollers to keep their OEC certification current. Not only is it required to retain status as a patroller, but OEC must also remain current to continue to use FirstNet service.

The new NSP FirstNet affiliation code is NSPFIRST. Go to firstnet.com/signup and follow the instruction on the left side of the page: “Have an Affiliation or Association Code?”

Questions regarding the new process may be directed to telecom@nsp.org.