Interested in starting a bike patrol in your area? Here’s a list of 10 easy steps to get started.

  1. Determine what type of patrol your area needs and why.
    a. Resort- or park-based, public lands, multi-land manager systems,
    b. Paved routes, mountain bike trails, or some combination,
    c. Host unit or patrol unit or a hybrid of both.
  2. Meet with your region director, your region bike advisor, and possibly the National Bike Program advisor.
  3. Meet with the land manager(s) to discuss the agreement/memorandum of understanding.
  4. Consider liability issues (such as insurance, etc.).
  5. From a core group of interested bike patrol members, determine the initial leadership team.
  6. Complete the NSP patrol application.
  7. Get signatures (region director, division director, national).
  8. Write unit bylaws and unit member handbook.
  9. Create and/or fine tune the leadership structure.
  10. And finally, recruit and train members.

Reach out to your region advisor or to Tim Franz, the Eastern Division Bike Program Advisor if you have questions.