All members of NSP are OEC Technicians, but many are also EMTs. EMTs need to take their own refresher and a certain amount of approved continuing education.

Mike Klau of Blue Hills Ski Area has set up a rotation of monthly speakers that teach various subjects related to first aid. Each class is taught by Zoom and typically runs from 7-9 p.m. All classes are approved for two EMT CEUs for all levels. In the past some of the classes have been Boston MedFlight, Treating the Trans Patent, Post Covid Lungs, Ethical Dilemmas Facing First Responders, and many more. All classes are free but limited to members of NSP.

After each course a certificate is issued for your records or to be sent to your EMS training officer. Another bonus is that there is a spot on the NREMT webpage for NSP members who are EMTs. If you register there, your continuing education will be managed.

Lastly, every other year an EMT-B refresher class (NCCR) is offered. This course has a small fee, since the instructor is paid.

Disclaimer: The courses are designed for EMS personnel and do not always follow OEC techniques. Mike Klau does not make any money from this; it is purely a labor of love. If you would like more information, please reach out to Mike, his email is If you are an EMT, please include your EMT number. Also please add where you patrol.