width=Do you want to be an instructor, or know someone else who does? We in the Eastern Division are always looking for good instructors. The process is not difficult but can seem confusing to many patrollers. Becoming an instructor consists of taking the Instructor Development Course (see below) and mentoring with a qualified instructor in the discipline you want to teach. The disciplines include Outdoor Emergency Care, Outdoor Emergency Transportation, Avalanche, Mountain Travel & Rescue, Bike Patrol, and even Instructor Development itself. The mentoring phase is a very important part of the process of becoming an instructor. You will learn valuable tips and techniques for making your lessons impactful and successful.

The Instructor Development Course consists of 2 parts: the pre-requisite online Instructor Development eCourse and a “Face to Face” skills session to demonstrate what was learned in the “eCourse.” The online eCourse is available in our very own Center for Learning. This ID eCourse can be taken at any time by any patroller. Registering for the course is very similar to registering for the online portion of the OEC refresher in the Center for Learning. Just search the “Browse Catalog” for Instructor Development or click on the Instructor Development Category on the left of the page. There is no cost, and it can be taken at your own speed.

When you are ready, the second part of the ID course is the in-person “Face-to-Face” or Skills Session. Many of these classes are offered at the Region or Division level in an in-person format. Sometimes, a student can use a virtual option for the Skills Session. This may be due to geographic challenges or the lack of availability of an in-person class nearby.

To register, go to the Center for Learning and search for 2023 in the Search bar. Click on “Choose Session” to open available classes. If you know where the class will be held, you can search by that location. Make sure you choose the correct session.

One new option to complete the Skills Session is a monthly offering given by the National Instructor Development Committee. This virtual session is offered monthly via the Zoom platform, usually on a Tuesday (and Wednesday if needed). There is a maximum of 10 people per class, but they can be from any Division. This is intended for patrollers who have difficulty accessing an in-person option in their area. If you are interested in this class or have any questions, send an email to id@nspserves.org

Once you have completed both parts of the ID course, you will either be assigned or choose a mentor. Check with your Patrol or Region ID Advisor to discover the process for mentor assignment in your Region. Work with your mentor to plan and deliver lessons, obtain feedback, and revise your lesson plan. The final step is to be observed being taught by an instructor trainer. Your mentor, the IT, and you will sign and complete the Instructor Application and Mentoring Form, which is then sent to the Division Supervisor. Sometimes it may be routed through the Region Advisor to the Supervisor.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your Patrol or Region Advisor. If you are unsure who to contact, you can go to the Eastern Division website and choose your Region to find the ID Advisor, or you can contact me directly at Lisa Rabideau