The 2024 Patroller School schedule and many other training events have been posted on the Eastern Division’s EVENT website.  Please use it to find division-based educational events.  The four programs that actively utilize Patroller School are:

Outdoor Emergency Transportation offers training weekend events

Avalanche Program offers online and weekend courses

Mountain Travel & Rescue offers a variety of online and weekend courses

Patroller Stress Preparedness offers a self-paced online course for individuals

Twenty years ago, the concept of offering high-level training opportunities taught by Division staff Instructors originated with Outdoor Emergency Transportation (OET).  OET was initially known as the “ski and toboggan” program.  It created the first Patroller School at Windham Resort in Southern NY as an opportunity for NSP members patrolling at smaller mountains to train on the big slopes with moguls.  The event became popular and became a socializing weekend, as Patrollers traveled from all around the division to gather for a common training purpose.  Soon, the concept spread to every corner of the Division and today includes Women’s events, snowboard training, telemark skiing, etc.

Avalanche courses follow a high-level curriculum because they deliver certification that some patrollers require as part of their patrolling profession.  The course is quite long, with an online study component and a weekend of two and a half days traveling in avalanche terrain.  Patroller School is an excellent place for members to shop when considering the type of avalanche certification they should invest in.  NSP’s Avalanche Level Once is a little more involved than traditional “Companion Rescue Avalanche” certification because NSP includes a professional group rescue module.

Mountain Travel and Rescue, known as MTR for short, is NSP’s entry-level backcountry travel course.  It covers winter ski camping from the perspective of navigation, sheltering in the mountains, staying warm, nutrition, trip planning, group leadership, organized search and rescue (SAR), etc. Completing the course gives members certification for joining SAR activities nationwide, known as ASTM F-2209 Land Searcher One certificate.  Watch the MTR Events page to see courses added during late autumn and early spring.  This is a great event to attend after the typical ski season concludes.

Eastern Division’s Stress Awareness Team has added a self-paced online course that individuals can sign up to experience.  The team has been working on programs for preparing. Patrollers to better handle stress in both their rescue work as well as from the pressures of daily life.  Developing individual techniques for handling the more challenging aspect of Patrolling has been found to alleviate the effects of stress.  Learn to monitor yourself before, during, and after especially stressful situations.  Learn how to recognize if the effects of stress are leading to an injury.  Learn that you are not alone; there are Patrollers at your resort who can help; learn how to help yourself.

Visit Eastern Division’s EVENT website to look for educational opportunities by Googling PatrollerSchool.ORG