Melinda Mingus, MD, Eastern Division Patroller Stress Awareness Advisor

Melinda Mingus, MD, Eastern Division Patroller Stress Awareness Advisor

The Patroller Stress Awareness Team (PSAT), led by Melinda Mingus, MD, is a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals, including those in healthcare and mental health. Working together with the Safety and Medical programs, PSAT also collaborates with the NSP Wellness Task Force to help develop a national initiative on patroller well-being.

Our mission is to provide and promote continuous physical, mental, and emotional well-being for our patrollers, candidates, and staff and to support the NSP Statement of Intent on Well-Being: “National Ski Patrol is committed to creating and supporting a culture of wellness, safety, and resilience for all our members and those whom we serve. Honoring NSP core values, we will provide our community with the awareness, leadership, guidance, education, and resources needed to help ensure their emotional and mental well-being.”

We continuously research, develop, and deliver educational resources, including videos, PowerPoints, posters, wallet cards, and more – available under the Resources tab at NSPeast.ORG website.

At no cost, we provide an essential patroller stress education course, Stress Injury Preparation for Patrollers (SIPP), at Produced and written by Ollie Neith, it upskills participants on what they need to know about the potential for stress injury, how to prepare for it, and what to do to help mitigate its impact.

Contact Melinda Mingus for more information and resources. The ED PSA Program is made by patrollers, for patrollers. We Support Patrollers.