On Sunday, February 25, I was thrilled to be asked to perform as part of the 20th anniversary of the Notchview Nordic Ski Patrol in Windsor, MA. As a former Alpine and Nordic National Ski Patroller myself, this patrol has always had a special place in my heart because of the dedicated leadership it has had for 20 years with the founder and director Mary Ann Richardson. Her leadership, tenacity, vision, enthusiasm, and drive to ensure that the Notchview Nordic Ski Area has a thriving ski patrol to help ensure a safe experience for the skiing public has been inspiring.

Mary Ann has built up the patrol with its number of members as well as creating a Junior Patrol program for youngsters who have an interest in volunteering and skiing. Mary Ann has created partnerships with other patrols and emergency units to ensure the patrol has the resources and support to be an effective member of the emergency medical services network.

Congratulations Mary Ann on 20 years of service and excellence. We are all proud of you and thank you for your positive impact on the Nordic skiing experience at Notchview! #MaryAnnRichardsonTheBest #TopNordicPatrol #EnsuringSkierSafety #StrongLeadership Harry Rock The Trustees of Reservations Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol National Ski Patrol System Inc Northeast Nordic Skiers